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​​​Why Choose a Home Childcare Setting?

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​Home childcare offers flexibility and continuous connection between families and educators and creates a very unique relationship that is extremely healthy and happily embraced by the young child!
​ It is easily accessible to the whole family, inviting grandparents and other family members in many aspects of the little ones early lives. In addition, the multi-aged groups and practical life skills learned in a home environment, prepare the children for all aspects of life while providing the comfort and security of the home and family setting. "Home is a feeling, not a place!", right!? Join our family, CHOOSE HOME CHILD CARE!

Disclaimer: Halton Child Care Providers Association does not warrant the information concerning any provider. The H.C.C.P.A does not screen, supervise or check Caregivers in anyway. Nor do we license, endorse or recommend any particular provider. It is the sole responsibility of parents to verify that the provider meets all the requirements for their particular needs and you should check references and access the quality of care offered.

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​Home Daycare, educating "the whole child: heart, mind and body!"

Private childcare is very appealing to young families!
The children grow up in the community, learn with the same educational provider for a number of years, bond with a small group of friends creating opportunities to lifetime friendships, and gain extended families!
Private Child Care Providers invest a lot of time into exploring the communities with the children and enhance everyday play and learning through visits to the local Libraries, parks and ponds, take part in organized fieldtrips, enjoy daily nature walks and celebrate the beauty of every season with the children!